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Helping Writers Become Authors

Jul 18, 2022

Discover the pros and cons of opening your story in medias res (or "in the middle" of action) and use these tips to refine your use of it.

Jul 11, 2022

Is opening your story in medias res compatible with the Three-Act Structure? The secret is in understanding how the First Act functions.

May 11, 2020

In order to grab readers, you'll need to consider several specific types of hooks for your opening chapter. You may want to use one--or all of them.

Mar 8, 2020

Your goal in introducing characters should be to do so with the least amount of info possible while still making the characters memorable. Here's how!

Apr 26, 2015

Take a look at how poor prologues sap stories, how no prologue can strengthen stories, and how to determine if your story is one of the exceptions.