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Helping Writers Become Authors

Mar 29, 2015

What are pinch points? Of all the important moments in your story, they are most likely to be neglected. But they're crucial to your story structure.

Mar 22, 2015

The trouble with identifying the Inciting Event is that the term is applied rather wildly to half a dozen different moments in the story. Which is right?

Mar 15, 2015

Today, I'm excited to put an end to the guessing about the "Big Secret" and unveil a new resource for authors. The official Story Structure Database.

Mar 8, 2015

The ironic thing about about complex characters in fiction is that the essence of what makes them so wonderfully complicated is actually incredibly simple.

Mar 1, 2015

In the time it takes to write two words, you might distance readers from your narrative. Luckily, this one of our common writing mistakes is an easy fix.